Announcing our Developer Portal!

Here’s the latest and greatest from YapStone – our Developer Portal!

Designed to allow our partners to easily integrate into our APIs, this developer-friendly portal is the first step to begin to accept payments. Tune in here to see the best ways to integrate with our top payment and sign-up APIs.

Learn more from our EVP of Product, Bruce Dragt:


Why did YapStone create this?

This API developer portal provides our partners with a clear way to understand how to integrate with YapStone. We want to enable that integration so that it can be as simple and easy as possible. Ultimately, it’s for real people doing real work to see what we have to offer.


Who is this for?

Our API developer portal is for the development teams within our ever-expanding group of partners who are looking to consume YapStone services. We want to help other organizations to take payments, upgrade their onboarding strategies and mitigate fraud.


What is the best way to use the API Developer Portal?

There are four ways to utilize our developer portal. The first is to explore it. This portal is designed to allow you to clearly see the services that YapStone has to offer. Second, when you’re ready to start developing your integration, you have all the API information to quickly code. Third, when you are done with coding, you can find all the test cases to ensure you are ready for production. Finally, this site offers great content and information about our processes.


What APIs do you have?

Our developer portal features end-to-end payment flows starting from onboarding, to payments, payouts and reports. More specifically, we have a signing up clients API that onboards new sellers (individual or business) for payments and can be incorporated into our Partner UI. Our payment APIs support credit cards, debit cards and ACH (eCheck). The payout API supports ACH payouts to the onboarded sellers. Finally, the reporting API provides transaction and settlement data.

We have also introduced the TryMe workflow to jump-start developer integration. We have an trial product that is available for testing. Future partners can try YapStone APIs by signing up @ to get your API keys.

If you have any questions, please reach out via our website: